Tuning before Songs of Ascent concert

Photo by me I think the highs need emphasis, and what if that microphone gets pushed back a bit?
Oh and is this good volume for the harmony voice and what do you think about my keystrokes?
Feedback and mid's and reverb slow the process down enough to push us close to showtime.
Matt and Eric figuring out chords for this 'most fragile' song. I sound like I'm off, don't I?

Just do it. It sounds nice. I don't think it does, but no one ever does. Not of their own performance, anyways.

Something about monitors or sound bouncing improperly, uncooperatively, mind of its own.

The notes are plucked, taking us off to yet another interruption, an interrogation about quality. Is this muddy?

Eric, remember Union college? Play twinkle notes like that. Piano solo.

Don't pick me, I have terrible ears, ears not able to discern how balanced your towers are, or how twangy the strings strike.

We get off and come back. It sounded really bad and it's ok to say that in honesty, for the purpose of a good mix.