The basketball player who complained

This is a parable.


Why are you complaining at the referees? Why do you yell and throw up your hands?

You could have dominated the game. The rebounds and shot blocking were yours. No one could stop you because you were the tallest athlete on the court.

You decided to aim your frustration at the referees, but you can't control what they call or do not call. You can not control anything but yourself.

Photo by Jacqueline, used with permission.

I saw the game. I saw the way you decided to be lazy at defending the rim, you neglected offensive rebounds, and isolated your teammates. I saw the way you decided to try to win by jacking up three's and playing hero ball.

I saw what could have been, but wasn't. In a way, you did not leave it all on the court. You took a course unable to completely serve your strengths.

The game of basketball involves vision and court awareness. What can I do better than the rest of these right now? And how can I contribute to a winning effect? You take what you can and you control the circumstances. You place your efforts on your game play. It is chid's play to tear into your teammates or your referees. It is what it is, but what are you?

What are we, if not that white jersey stomping off the court in a tantrum because we did not get what we wanted? We did not get what we wanted because of the losing manner we decided to play the game. What are we if not the angry player who decided his ego and was more important than the overall winning team effort?