Black History Month and beginnings

I read about Black History month and I become confused, confused by what is emphasized and where the stories begin. I find it interesting where the story of the African-American begins usually begins.

It begins in chains when it should begin in African glory.

I watched a lecture series by Rob Bell where he said we need to tell the story beginning at the beginning. Not starting with the sin-sick fallen man, but the harmonious whorl of Genesis one.

It begins in shalom, not in rebellion.

I think the beginning is eternity past when the Father, Son, Holy Spirit danced and delighted in each other's presence. Eternal friendship. I think the beginning begins with the sons of God singing for joy as worlds began.

It begins in cosmic joy and a universal reign of love, not in a stage for good and evil.

And one day, our groans will be no more.

Our chains will fall and our former glory will be restored.