Love's disappointment

Think of the wife at home. Making the place habitable and taking care of the household details while the husband is away. Think of the way she might delight in taking over these monotonous chores so her husband might be pleased by an ordered home. Perhaps she does this for five days straight. Setting meals and making conversation. Not minding his energies are a bit drained from his work. She seeks to stay involved in his life by  inquiring about his work and listening attentively. She does this delighted as she plays the role of suitable helpmate. And now think of what would happen if after the the five days the husband's day off came, and the wife couldn't help but get her hopes up. And what if the day came and went and nothing special happened? Would she not feel let down? He didn't even join in on the household duties.

Think of the father with the son. Think of the labor he takes on for the son who will never know the half of it. Providing a home and being the minuteman father the son needs. Watching the way he's developing, foreseeing what might be needed soon, trying to educate the child while giving him space to develop. Perhaps no one can quite put into words the constant taxation which comes when trying to be a parent. Yet he takes on the burden with joy for the sake of his son's eternal well-being.

And now think what would happen if after years of toil, the son turned his back on his father. Perhaps because of a petty complaint or a disagreement ending in dispute. As his son came of age the father got his hopes up. Would he not feel let down? Would there not be some inexplicable grief in the father? The son didn't even think of how indebted he was to his dad.

Think of the God holding the wheeling spheres, holding the cosmos and providing life to the worlds. How at the cross, He provided time and opportunity for salvation. By the blood from His brow, He began a new creation through resurrection. He never sleeps and His eye is ever on the earth trying to providentially guide, protect, teach, and save. Think of all the Great Controversy brings to His plate. Perhaps He does this for thousands of years as the Conflict continues.

And now think of wheat would happen if His children cast aside the time to worship Him. Or the pain and grief the missing faces will cause in the age to come. Would He not feel let down?