What is the gospel to you in six words?

A week ago, I asked people on Facebook and Twitter to tell me what the gospel meant to them in six words. Here are the responses. Krystina Holliday: "Merciful Salvation for our wretched souls."

Christian Hodet: Sin's penalty, power and presence destroyed!

Da Hol'day: "Justification, Sanctification, Transformation, Salvation, Life, Deliverance."

Suzanne LaMore Elmer: "The Incredible Love of Jesus Christ."

Vanessa Pujic: "Jesus' love = freedom, happiness for all!"

Marius Jensen: "God has integrity. God is love."

Nick Hausted: "God's Original Salvation Plan = Exemplary Love."

Val Jacobson: "God=love. Love died. Love lives."

Jordan Reichert: "God's selfless restoration of all things..."

Stephen William Farr: "He who has been forgiven much."

Jonathan Stephan: "Love, love, love, love! Inexplicably mine."

Luis Gamino: "Supreme love for me and you."

Sam Smith: "Restoration of children to their Father."

Kessia Reyne: "Divine fellowship and likeness -freely given."

Bryant Rodriguez: "At the Golgotha, Yahweh embraced all."


If you never got to make one, go ahead and place one in the comment section!