So Oliver and I are headed across the pond

Hey. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog here and there. I know the stuff is pretty lame and boring most of the time because, I mean really, what does a nineteen year old kid really have to say about the world and religion?

Haha. I appreciate your support as I share my story here on this little piece of the blogosphere. :) And I am excited to report a very exciting twist in the story.

Photo by Jacqueline Burciaga

Oliver and I are packing up and heading over to Europe. Germany to be exact, to be a part of AFCOE-Europe. I am not quite sure about all that I am going to be doing, but I know I will be financially provided for and that there is a certain sense of security heading that way.

I'm a bit nervous because I have never gone across the pond. Also, mum and dad won't be a phone call away to help me fix my problems so the adult life will be wholly learned.

There's much to be excited about and much to be nervous about. Some thousands of years ago, Israelites stayed up late and packed hurriedly to make a quick exodus from the land of their bondage to a promised land.


I don't pretend to think God is leading me to Germany as a promised land, but tonight as I finish packing and prepare for this voyage, it strikes me that as I leave the States there will be much cleansing as I am cut off from many 'Americanisms' and experience the very different, very secular, very foreign Germany.

Most of all though, Oliver and I are excited to do mentoring with AFOCE-Europe and engage in all the lessons that will yield. Oliver invites you to continue reading this blog as it will trace my adventures, my stories written as I live under grace over in the Vaterland. :)