I am learning to deal with less internet access

So for the five of you out there who read my blog posts, you may have noticed it has been awhile since I put something up. Which is mostly a bummer for me because I have about three or four ideas in my mind that I have really been wanting to share, but current circumstances haven't been favorable to blogging. Mostly because I have completely thrown myself into my roles here in Germany with Amazing Facts Europe which has been a great blessing and privilege indeed. I am learning so much and thoroughly enjoying my job. I feel greatly under qualified and at times like I am not able to help as much as I would like, but nevertheless, I am giving it my all in every way I can.

Sometimes the best way to capture moments is by living them first. (Photo by Beau Gilmore)

The other part of the reason is that when I have found some free time where I would normally blog if I were back in the States, I have been without internet access. Now, this is not a complain by any regards. More of an observation really. I mean, in the States, the internet is never more than a few blocks away at the nearest coffee joint. I have not found this to be the case here in Germany. Which for someone who at one point went through about three gigabytes of mobile data in less than a month all on their own, would be difficult.

Let me sound cliche here though.

It has been quite nice to be unplugged for some hours.

Between work, a more temperate internet access, and being six or eight hours away from my loved ones and interests in the States, I have been enjoying a newfound liberty in not being attached to my iPhone's Twitter Feed and what's current on Grantland. Sure, I miss not being able to stay up to date with the Yorker, Atlantic, and Vice and I am not always able to be up to date with the latest viral video or the articles on Relevant but I am surviving. My Instagram feed is not quite as active anymore, but I have not suffered a nervous break down.

My mother always told me I am excessive. And I confess I am so I am, to be honest, enjoying the more disciplined life Germany is teaching me. Whether I wanted it or not, I am learning to deal with less internet access and in turn, I am learning to use the internet, not be used by the internet.

So it's been awhile since I blogged, but I can't complain. Life has been very full of experiences. Wordpress will be here later, but the potential extra minutes at work or with friends, won't be which makes me satisfied with my choices.