Para mi mama (To my mother)

Gracias, mami. Aqui va una poesía pequeña y muy simple, pero viene de toda sinceridad y con todo mi cariño. Desafortunadamente, esta en Ingles. ^_^

I can't ever know, I won't ever know. The amount of energy, the limits I pushed.

The late nights I caused, while you waited for me to return. Sacrifices on my behalf, not oftentimes appreciating them.

Sometimes, I feel like I get it, I feel like I understand the depth, the intensity of your love towards me. But no, it is still too mysterious.

On your lap I was raised, en tus ojos aprendi mucho, your prayers sustained me, you were a vessel for my salvation.

I still have much to learn in the way of being a son, todavia dejo mis cosas para el ultimo momento, so here's a hug, here's an I-miss-you-mum.

May you be rewarded for the efforts, rewarded for the cariño maravilloso, por el buen Señor Nuestro. I promise to not let it waste.

I can't ever know, I won't ever know, pero gracias mami, muchas gracias.