A Chance. To Rest.

First of all, I would like to thank all those who have shown their support to Jacqueline and I’s Birthday for a Cause. I would especially like to thank those who have given a donation. As it stands now, we are at $999 and our goal is $1000, with four days left. That is HUGE - we practically reached our goal! We are beyond thankful, but yet, we're not quite done. The fight is not quite over.

For these past three days, the thought of being able to peacefully rest at night and the privilege it is has been gnawing at my conscience. It is beautiful, isn’t it? To lie down and be content - to rest in peace. I don’t always wake up feeling very refreshed, but I know I have the freedom to lie down at will and be satisfied with my work day. Now, over these three days of raising awareness for One Day’s Wages Human Trafficking Fund as my mind contemplates in a greater manner the plight of so many millions of people, it has dawned on me that - like I said earlier - the ability to peacefully rest at night is a privilege. A gift, really.

Because there are plenty of people who are unable to enjoy this privilege. And there are some who are in oppression and have been robbed of their opportunity to have this privilege. Due to the diabolical behavior of other humans, there is a child, a woman, and a man somewhere right now who is approaching the night with a sense of anxiety, desperation, and restlessness. They have no peace. For some of them, their exploitation begins at night.

Photo by Jacqueline Burciaga

No rest. No opportunity to rest.

As a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian who not only enjoys peace and rest in the nights, but also one whole day to enjoy shalom (peace) and shabbat (ceasing) with friends, family, and the Lord, my heart is especially broken to think of someone not having this gift.

They have no chance at rest in the nights, much less a chance to spend a day with loved ones and the Lord. Thus, as some of you give your one day’s wages (and more) to this Birthday Cause for the Human Trafficking Fund, I know you are being gospel workers. Because sometimes, God wants more than your prayers. Your finances are working out liberation and an opportunity for individuals to enter into rest both at night and for eternity.

At this point, as I mentioned earlier, we are practically there, and it has been in large part to sizable donations. Thanks to you, our friends. But if you are able to donate even $10 or $20, please do not be shy. Your $10 is better than your wishfulness. And many $10s are better than no $100s. (If that makes sense). In the very least, consider sharing our video, or our ODW profile, or this blog post to your social network. Perhaps someone you know will want to help.

So please, Jacqueline and I appeal to you help the captives. When we freely give to gospel work, God supplies. (Philippians 4:16-19) Moreover, as we enter into our Sabbath rest this weekend, can we really sit still and offer our praises while ignoring a multitude of God’s children who may never taste of nightly rest, Sabbath rest, and the “better rest” which awaits us?

Our goal for this project was $1,000.

We're at $999.

Consider it.

Not just giving your dollar to merely reach this goal.

But perhaps more.

Because in reality, should there ever be a limit to help save a life?