Rejoicing with those who rejoice

My humble words of appreciation to two special occasions. Today, is a special day.

Today, my friend, my brother, my son in Jesus, and a reason for my joy in this world graduates from high school.

Abner Campos, my heart goes out to you and I wish I could be there today.

May you walk in the footsteps of Jesus always, though your route differs from mine, though your personality differs from mine,

and your calling ends up looking much different than mine,

may we remain knit together as brothers. And may we both follow in the footsteps of the One we call Master,

because He is not afraid of unity in diversity.

I send you my congratulations. You have made many proud, and I know Jesus smiles down upon you today.

Continue to be faithful in today's work, continue to persevere, flee youthful lusts and stay true to the mark.

Jesus is the mark.

A warm hug and a round of applause to you and to your classmates. Your journey has but begun,

so celebrate this landmark and anticipate with joy where the Spirit will lead next.


Ah, but it is not over. Today is a special day.

My friends, Jonathan Sanchez and Gisel Tejeda are wedded today.

I wish I could be there to watch you two commit yourselves to Jesus as a married couple. I am filled with delight as I anticipate the ways in which you will glorify the name of God as a team. I know He will lead you to unforeseen joys, guide you through unexpected rocky paths, and safely bring you two together into the age to come; both of you having blessed each other, blessed others, and blessed God Himself. I can only begin to imagine the joy in heaven today. May your household be patterned after the counsels of Sister White, may Child Guidance be lived out, and may the love of 1 Corinthians 13 emanate from within your household.

May God abide with you both.

Things will probably get rough at some point.

His strength will sustain, though.

Congratulations friends. I hope you cracked a real smile today, Jonathan. :)