For a Season with a Reason

bryantsolo For the past several months one of my friends has become something like a father to me in regards to my female friendships. He's persuaded I am in no condition to be pursuing anyone so he constantly questions me about my interactions. So much so, that there have been a few moments when I feel guilty from simple innocent intentions! Ha.

But I'm not upset about his behavior. I agree with him. I'm not in an emotional state where I could (in a healthy manner) pursue a woman. Don't tell him, but I welcome his policing.


Summer evangelism programs and college semesters have taught me about life's fluidity. They have made it clear: life comes in seasons, often with divine reasons, and one season will never replicate the previous. Though I think college exaggerates the fluidity, I think life is like that—fluid and seasonal. Periods come and go; the key to joy is to let the old out and—with open palms—embrace the new. Change is uncomfortable, but we might be surprised by joy.


As I enter this new season (semester) of college, I will experience a first time; for the first time, I will enter a semester without expecting the special presence of a woman. I am not just Facebook single—I am mentally single. It's weird. It's uncomfortable. And if I'm honest, I don't like it. But I have hunch: Jesus and I are going to have so much fun this semester because I will be all His; all my time and and all my emotions will be His.

So I welcome this season for a reason.

Who knows, perhaps I discover a Pauline celibacy vow...or may be not.

Either way, I'm ready because seasons come and go,

but the Lord remains and redeems the changes.