Poems | the continuous prayer of the saint

. 2015/01/img_0001.jpg Pray for those you love. Pray for those whom you once loved, but are now distant. Pray for those falling apart, for those breaking down, and for those clinging desperately.

Pray for those who care to be prayed for and for those who do not.

Pray for those who are in peace, in joy, and in completeness. Pray for blessings over those whose presence hurts you and for those whose presence pleases you. Pray for others when you feel like it and make sure to pray when you don't feel like it.

Pray for those who seem to have hope and for those who seem hopeless.

Pray for those whose problems are big and for those whose problems are small. Pray for those who will say thanks, and for those who will not. Pray for others without any particular personal agendas.

Pray without ceasing. And when you pray, be comforted for the Holy Spirit of God Himself will listen; He will take your pleas and whisper rest into the situations you pray for.