"Supper time betrayal" | Holy Tuesday

Holy-Week-Tuesday For this Holy Week, I will share a poem a day. I’ll be writing drafts basically every day so don’t judge me too harshly if the poems are average. Palm Sunday’s poem can be found here, and Holy Monday is here; note: there are no for sure events for Holy Tuesday, so I simply wrote a poem about what tradition says happened before Easter.


At the meal, they all laid down on one elbow (probably) and formed a circle. John rested on the bosom of Jesus, his master.

They ate, they drank, and they laughed one more passover with their beloved Rabbi.


I was betrayed once.

It cut

my eyeballs out of my brain;

I panicked because I lost the right arm I trusted.


And I wonder where the women sat while the Messiah said His hands and feet would sell him over;

And I wonder what kind of giant heart speaks about love one another like I love you, knowing there would be betrayal.


I felt alone.

What's worse than being forsaken?