I like to write columns, blogs, articles, and poems on faith, church life, ethnicity, and culture. My writing has been featured across a variety of online and print platforms. Below I offer a selection from my published work.


Why It Isn't Enough to Quote Scripture

In the face of tragic events against minorities this summer, and the persistent racist and xenophobic rants from Donald J. Trump, which do a lot more for fueling race wars than anything BLM does, the address made by Ted Wilson, President of the GC, was one that only loosely alluded to doing something about our current social issues. Read more at Spectrum Magazine.


Viewpoint: A Student and His Signs

I had no qualms with the message's conclusions, but the way in which the speaker's logic developed, and how he spoke regarding the LGBTQ community were problematic. Read more at Spectrum Magazine.


A Crippled Arm, Doubts, and Something Better

His right arm struck his right thigh whenever he made a good point. As Matt Parra preached on Acts 17, biblical balance, and the logical fallacies of traditional definitions of balance, one thought streamed through my mind: I’m supposed to be here. Read more at Light Bearers.

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